GTS works according to customers drawings or in co-design, having the mould being manufactured by tooling shops or using moulds being supplied by the customer. The company production equipment is composed by several vertical and horizontal moulding machines up to 300 kN clamping force, three ovens with computerized control for postcuring, one rotating - specific for OR - and two static ones, one cryogenic deflashing unit using nitrogen, three automated sorting machines Doss Visual Solutions to check out dimensions and faults, for OR and technical parts with diameter less than 50 mm.

The materials GTS usually transforms and acquires from qualified suppliers are silicone, fluorosilicone and Viton®. Since some years it has expanded the production to other compounds, such as AEM ethylene acrylic, ACM polyacrylic, SBR styrene-butadiene, CR chloroprene, EPDM ethylene propylene, HNBR hydrogenated nitrile rubber, NBR nitrile rubber. GTS products are successfully used in automotive, electrical, household appliance, photovoltaic and clothing accessory.